Gardens & Grounds

Though the cottage stands within its own grounds, it is still considered part of the family home and as such has had lots of love and care poured into it. As Lisa and Mark would like to share their own enjoyment of the property and area, guests are encouraged to explore as much as possible, be it in boots or in a comfy chair!

The walled garden is one special attraction as it is not only home to a bountiful orchard of fruiting plants and vegetables but also to an elegant, period fountain. The sound of the water cascading over its tiers makes this a popular place to unwind, but don’t be too surprised if the local pheasants and ducklings join you!

For complete peace and tranquillity, the formal lawns feature an outstanding array of mature flowering borders containing among other things spectacular roses, wild orchids, foxgloves, sweet peas and blossoming peonies; all favourites with honey bees!

In addition to the various lawns and gardens, there are several surrounding paddocks which are used to graze the resident dark fleeced Balwen Mountain sheep. Along with these four-footed farm animals, is a clutch of free-range hens who are always on-hand to add a splash of colour to the day.

Whether on 2 feet or 4, these animals are a constant reminder of the pastoral history and charm of Chauffeur’s Cottage.

From free-range chickens come free-range eggs!


Next to the cottage is the chance to enjoy a large 40 X 15ft geothermally heated indoor pool that simply can’t be missed. Great for family fun all year round, there’s nothing quite like tiptoeing across the lawn to sink into its waters for a warming dip.

To avoid the disappointment of enjoying this treat and to get everything ready for your swim, please note that it is essential that Lisa and Mark are notified of your chosen pool time 24 hours before use.

Also, as the pool area is unsupervised, no children are to be left unattended at any time and its use is to be restricted to only those guests who are staying at the Cottage. More information on this can be found in our terms and conditions.