Chauffeur’s Cottage is at the end of a long gravel drive, guarded by an electric gate, operated either by vehicle sensor or by a push-button on the gatepost to its side. After coming through this gate, Chauffeur’s Cottage is only a short distance away, tucked neatly on the right hand side as you drive in.

The front door has a width of 74 cm and there is a 4 cm threshold. To go out through the French windows onto the terrace, there are two internal steps of 2 cm then 4 cm then outside there is a 4 cm threshold and then two steps of 12 cm and 13 cm.

The two bedrooms are both up a flight of stairs (12 in total, each 22 cm high) and interior doorways have a width ranging between 60 cm and 77 cm. The First en-suite bathroom has a shower and bath. The shower is a 20 cm step off the ground and the bath is 59 cm high. Rather than the Second en-suite bathroom having both bath and shower, it has a bath with a shower attachment. This bath is 51 cm off the ground.